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Applications designed to continuously monitor and pinpoint gaps in compliance

  • Continuous automated setting and monitoring of BWOFs, inspections, or surveys for any building or system.
  • Automated monitoring for any asset class.
  • Real time, multiple channel alerts when exposed to risk or non-compliance.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics.
  • Real time contractor performance and cost tracking.
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  • Contrack is about knowing who’s on your property, for how long and at what cost.
  • Contactless check in.
  • Automated contractor safety checks for times when they are on site.
  • Automated delivery of contractor credentials to tenants and/or property owners upon site check in/out.
  • Real time hazard reporting.
  • Upload ‘As built’ plans and/or documents for visitors, as required.
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  • Verisafe is a robust proactive safety system, designed to keep your people safe at all times.
  • Automated ‘home safe’ checks and ‘at risk’ status for times of uncertainty.
  • The ‘safety vault’ allows for immediate delivery of vital personal details in emergencies.
  • Emergency alerts delivered via sms, phone call and email to ‘in house’, or external, first responders.
  • Extensively tested and used across the world.
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  • Buying, selling, renting?
  • Affirm that properties comply with healthy home standards.
  • The healthy homes register allows for quick, easy and free property registration.
  • Compliance documentation can be public or restricted.
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Ideal for single or multiple buildings, tenancies, and locations.

Customised to suit:
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